Working with keyboard and mouse

While EuroScope can be used by simple mouse clicking still there are a lot of things where keyboard makes our life much easier. As they can speed up the work there are several keyboard tricks.

Editing, Function Keys And Other Key Shortcuts

The [[Editing And Function Keys]] page describes the meaning of several keyboard elements which behave differently than a simple text editor. Many things come from ASRC, so if you have ever used ASRC, you will find them familiar. However in some cases we changed the meaning of the key completely or made it work slightly different.

Alias files are the same that you used for ASRC/VRC, but the extraction of the aliases are completely different.

Command Line Reference

The [[Command Line Reference]] page contains a complete list of the available commands an their usage.

Built In Functions

The [[Built In Functions]] page lists the functions you can use in aliases, METAR lines or just when typing in things to the command line.