The Tower View

The tower view feature is inspired by the similar possibility of VRC by Ross Carlson. But actually the implementation is totally different in EuroScope. Due to the built in simulator there is already a small FSD server inside EuroScope. This server can be also used to be connected by an FSD pilot client like vPilot. Using this idea the tower view implemented in EuroScope is based on the FSD protocol rather than an FS multiplayer connect.

Prepare EuroScope For Tower View

The only thing you should do before establishing a connection with FSInn, is to check if the ES’s proxy is on (you can select the option to be started automatically from the button Quick Set -> Enable advanced proxy communication an on ES exit save that option). It automatically asks for the plane information that is necessary for the correct display. It is asked even if no tower view is started. All this information is also sent to the LOG files. It makes it possible to enable the tower view feature on online sessions and on playback sessions too.

In this way you really do not have to do anything. Just connect to VATSIM for an online session or start a playback session. In both cases EuroScope automatically starts the built in FSD server and waits for an incoming connection from vPilot. When the connection is established all plane information is sent to the FS client.

Prepare vPilot For Tower View

Check vPilot documantation on how to set up the TowerView:


  • If you disconnect from your EuroScope session the FSD server is also stopped. You need to reconnect after the new session is started.
  • You should not use PAUSE or SLEW mode in FS as in these cases the display of the moving aircrafts are really jerky.
  • Tower View is DISABLED in simulation sessions.