Start sessions

To participate in a simulation session you have three options:

  • Run the session in your EuroScope.
  • Join a running session as pseudo pilot.
  • Join a running session as a trainee or any other kind of controllers.

To run a session in your EuroScope, select the Start Sweatbox simulator session option from the top combo box. Be sure to check the ”Connect to VATSIM” check-box when you are about to be connected to SweatBox. Let it be unchecked if EuroScope FSD server is in use. To start the simulation select the appropriate scenario file.

There is new option in v3.2. As the simulator and the pseudo pilots are separated a new set of commands and state updates are sent between them The Publish simulation data drives how may data is transferred between them:

  • Never – Using this option the detailed simulation state of the aircraft is available in the scenario runner EuroScope. This option has the less network traffic, but it is usable if there is only one pseudo pilot.
  • To pseudo pilot only – This option sends detailed state data to the pseudo pilot, but not anywhere else. Using SweatBox with multiple pseudo pilot you should use this option.
  • To everyone – In this case all pseudo pilots receives all plane data. This reuires a lot of network traffic. We tested and it is too much for SweatBox. Use it with EuroScope FSD server only.

Note: If yo run a simulation session you are a pseudo pilot too.

When you join to a session as pseudo pilot, then log in the same way as above, but let the scenario file empty. That indicates to EuroScope not to simulate any plane, but allow you to control them.

The last option is easy. Use the Direct to VATSIM connection type. Be sure to uncheck the Connect to VATSIM when connecting to a EuroScope FSD server.

Note: If you would like to use VATSIM voice servers during your simulation session you must authenticate yourself against the network. To do that you should first login to VATSIM (Direct to VATSIM mode). In this way your identity will be checked and you will be able to connect to any VATSIM voice server. We suggest to set up you voice connection for a non-used channel, like: practice_lhbp. Then disconnect and start your simulator session. When you disconnect your voice channel connection will remain for 30 seconds then disconnects. But if during this period you start your simulator the voice channel connection will not be disconnected.