Sounds Setup

To define audio notifications to certain events go to Other Settings > Sounds in the menu. In a simple configuration window you can assign any *.wav files to the following actions:

  • Handoff request – sound is played upon receiving a handoff request
  • Handoff accept – sound is played when a handoff is accepted by another controller
  • Conflict alert – if the minimum separation is not kept, conflict alert notification will be played. Separation minima can be configured in the [[Conflict Alert Settings Dialog]]
  • Radio message – audio notification of incoming messages on your primary frequency
  • Private message – audio notification of incoming private messages
  • ATC message – audio notification of messages on the ATC board
  • Broadcast message – audio notification of broadcast messages
  • Landline request – audio notification for incoming landline calls (e.g. intercom)
  • Supervisor call – audio notification of incoming supervisor messages
  • Connected – sound is played when connection is established
  • Disconnected – sound is played upon disconnection
  • Ongoing coordination request‘ – audio notification of incoming ongoing coordination requests
  • Ongoing coordination accepted – audio notification of accepted ongoing coordination requests
  • Ongoing coordination refused – audio notification of refused ongoing coordination requests
  • Manual ongoing coordination – audio notification of manual ongoing coordination
  • New ATIS message – sound is played whenever a new automated ATIS notification is received
  • Handoff refused – sound is played when a handoff is refused by another controller
  • Pointout – sound is played when a pointout of an aircraft is received
  • Startup – sound is played during startup of EuroScope

IMPORTANT NOTE: User sounds will only be valid if its duration is one second or more.

In the Device combo box you can define which sound device is to be used for the sounds. You can select from your available devices or use the default Windows output one. All sounds will be played on the device selected here except the startup sound. That is always sent to the default Windows device unit.