Since EuroScope introduced a new way of actively using flightplan data and scratchpad content, there can be quite some disturbance and interference, when people using EuroScope and people using VRC/ASRC/vERAM/vSTARS are working together without being aware of it. Therefore we highly recommend you all to be aware of that, and if possible to consider that when creating or reviewing your Letters of Agreement and Standard Operating Procedures. It is possible to establish procedures, that – regardless of VRC’s limitations – allow most features to be used also in mixed environments, if VRC users respect some guidelines to follow.


EuroScope supports several predefined formats in the flightplan and in the scratchpad, that allow EuroScope to recognize special points, terminal routings, states of flight or to calculate correct routings by amendment. The supported entries can be found on [[Non Standard Extensions]] page. VRC users should try to stick to those formats without using abbreviations.

One common example for misleading entries is the use of L or R in the scratchpad to indicate the runway on airports with parallel runway configurations, or the use of T to indicate the use of transitions. If somewhere in the sectorfile is a waypoint L or R, it is miscalculated as a direct to that waypoint by EuroScope, which affects not only the route calculation for the current controller, but also the flight prediction for other controllers.

Holding List PlugIn

The Holding List PlugIn works by combining an issued direct with the string HOLD in the scratchpad.

That can be simulated by VRC/ASRC/vERAM/vSTARS users, so an ES users gets the aircraft listed in his holding list: first set the holding fix as direct into the scratchpad (only VOR/NDB/FIX, no abbreviations). Then replace this with HOLD in the scratchpad. ES will interprete this as a direct issued to the waypoint followed by the holding instruction and correctly display the aircraft in the list. ES users can also add the estimated holding times to the aircrafts. Due to limitations in VRC, where no SPACE is permitted in the scratchpad, this is not possible for VRC users.