If You Have A Previous Release Installed

Due to a problem in the development environment I was unable to create an installer that deletes your previous version of EuroScope from the computer. It will install a new product, but possibly to the same folder. For safety reason we suggest to save all your important files, uninstall the previous version and make a clean install of v3.2.

The plug-in system changed a bit more and the old plug-ins can not be loaded to v3.2. If you are fan of any of the existing plug-ins that you are not happy to control without it, then do not install v3.2 just now. Wait a bit for your plug-in provider to update the plug-in to v3.2.

Please keep in mind that since EuroScope 3.1 all personal setting are stored in ..\My Documents\Euroscope\ directory instead of root as it was in preceding versions.


Installation of EuroScope is really easy. Just download the MSI file from any of the sites and run it. Then follow the instructions of the installer. Well, the only thing you should specify is the folder you would like to put the files.

The main download site is the home of EuroScope https://www.euroscope.hu/. This server is located in Hungary. Thanks to Ross Carlson and Metacraft Internet Services as well as Todor Atanasof and Xumepoc Studios we have two mirror sites. One is located in Dallas, Texas, the other is in Bulgaria. The mirror sites may not be available until the installers are copied there.


The installer requires that you have .NET framework 2.0 installed on you computer. The MSI will prompt for if you do not have.

Installation Process

To avoid problems during the install:
All Users with Windows Vista/7/8/10 always start the installation progress with a right click and then install as Administrator.

Download the MSI installer. When ready, simply start it. After some preparation seconds the installer Welcome screen appears:

Just press Next to get to the location selector screen:

Select the appropriate folder where you would like to place EuroScope. Then press Next again to see the final confirmation screen:

Simply press Next if you are sure to install EuroScope. The rest is automatic. The progress bar will go from 0 to 100% several times then the installation is ready:

Note:’ Sometimes it seems that the installation progress is freezing up or you get a no response from the progress but it works so be patient and wait until the progress is finished. The program was successful tested with no problems on: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.

Press the close button and go to the Start menu and under Programs you will find EuroScope current version. Just start and enjoy using it.

If it is the first time you have installed EuroScope be sure to follow [[Quick Start]] page instructions. Furthermore for more complex training or elaboration contact your VACC Trainings Department (TD).

Another Important Note About TrueType Fonts

It seems that the in some cases (mostly on Vista or WIndows 7, depending on the user right) the installer is unable to install or overwrite the font set that was installed before. That will cause some symbols missing in the new release. If you experience this then go to the EuroScope installation folder and install the EuroScope.ttf font manually.