Multiple Sectorfile Usage

The first public release 2.9a was unable to load more than one sectorfile at a time. An improvement is that in the new release any number of sectorfiles can be loaded. But as several things in EuroScope depends on the sectorfile it is extremely important to understand which file is used for what. It is described in the Multiple Sector Files page.

Professional Radar Simulation

In the Professional Radar Simulation section you can read about how radar antennas, the non radar holes are simulated. How you can correlate/uncorrelate radar positions with flight plans. How you can use the flight plan tracks for radar invisible planes.

Sectors And Aircraft States

Before learning about how the software functions work, some basic principles must be understood. One of EuroScope’s main features is how it handles the sectors you are controlling and how the aircraft is classified by your sectors. All this is described in the Sectors And Aircraft States page.