The Flight Plan Setting Dialog

The dialog looks like this:

Most part of the dialog is really straightforward and needs not too much explanation. It contains the most important pieces (not all of them) of a flight plan and makes it possible to be modified. Just edit the values you would like to modify then press OK to save or Cancel to forget it. You can open the flight plan dialog even if you are an observer or someone else is tracking the aircraft but in this case you will not be able to save your modifications.

Probably the route section is a little bit more interesting then the others. It is a simple text edit box. The addition is that for every single character modification the route is compiled from the string and the extracted point by point route is displayed in the list control below. There you can see all waypoints the airway to that waypoint and a comment about the airway usage. If the aircraft is flying then the estimated time of arrival is also calculated for every point along the route.

There are three other buttons that works immediately and not when saving the dialog:

  • Set squawk – It assigns the squawk value to the aircraft. If the field is empty the a new squawk is generated based on the controller position.
  • Set temp alt – It sets the temporary altitude.
  • Set RFL – It sets the requested flightlevel. EuroScope makes a difference between the requested flightlevel (RFL), which is the level the pilot originally requested when filing his flightplan, and the current or cleared flightlevel (CFL) which is the level currently cleared by the control. CFL is the level accessed by the F5 key.

In [[Professional Radar Simulation]] mode, you can add an ETA for a waypoint directly in the waypoint list in the ETA column.