The Result

Let us start from a picture with the result before going into details how you can configure the display:

The Setup Dialog

  • Main centerline
    • Start DME – The offset in NM the main line of the centerline will be started.
    • Length – The length of the main line of the centerline. Note that the endpoint will be Start DME + Length distance from the runway threshold.
  • Range ticks
    • Start DME – The first tick mark to be displayed distance in NM from the threshold. The tick marks will be displayed from here until the end of the main line.
    • Interval (after Start DME) – How often (in NM) a tick mark should be displayed.
    • Tick length – The length of the tick marks (ortogonally to the main line).
    • Marker length – The length of the marker tick marks (ortogonally to the main line).
    • Interval (after Marker length) – How often in (NM) a marker tick mark should be displayed.
  • Vectoring”’ lines
    • Centerline distance – The distance from the threshold of the end of the vectoring line in the main line (where vectoring line touches the main line).
    • Vectoring distance – The length of the vectoring line.
    • Vectoring angle – The angle between the main line and the vectoring line.
    • Base leg distance – The length of the base leg line (it always starts at the other end of the vectoring line).
    • Show extended centerline for active arrival runways only – shows the centerlines of your active arrival runways and hides all other centerlines.

How To Display Them

In this dialog you only can setup how the extended centerline pieces are built up. To display them you should go to the [[Display Settings]] dialog. There you can switch on and off individual runway centerline pieces:

The centerline and the name are the main items to be displayed. They are not related to the extended setup anyhow.

In the sectorfile there is only one definition of a runway even it can be used from both directions and therefore has two names. In this picture you can see LHBP second runway 13L-13R. To distinguish between the directions all extended centerline items are duplicated and named as extended centerline 1 … or extended centerline 2 … where 1 refers to the first end (here 13L) and 2 refers to the other end (31R) of the runway. As the picture on top of this page shows a 31 configuration only the 31R end of the runway extended lines are displayed.

It is also not necessary to display the ticks, vectoring lines and base lines on both sides of the extended centerline. That is quite useful when you display them in a parallel runway airport. In the pictures you can see that in this case only the right side items are switched on for runway 31R while only the left side items for 31L.

If You are using the how extended centerline for active arrival runways only option, it is important to keep in mind, that You need to setup all extended lines in the Display_Settings regardless of which will be used in the specific situation. When Euroscope automatically activates the centerlines for the arrival runways, it uses the display settings. On the other hand, with this option activated, ES will not show an extended centerline for an inactive runway , even though it is setup here.