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Version 3.2 has arrived! Some highlights of the new release:

  • Complete new simulator structure. More control over the planes, predefined taxi routes, artificial intelligence for ground traffic.
  • Improved STCA and and a brand new MTCA tool – the CARD list is available.
  • Flight plan separation tool.
  • Probing tools – check conflicts before issuing the clearance.
  • New radar antenna handling.
  • TAG item coloring on departure/arrival.
  • MSAW warning.
  • Save tracking information on disconnect and restore them after reconnect.
  • Plug-in environment: CAircraft class is deleted but CFlightPlan and CRadarTarget are introduced.

And many many more fixes and new features – well we got 5 years for them 🙂

Download the latest version of EuroScope and see for yourself.