Once again the new release was a real team work. I should say thank you for all the members of the beta team. It is really hard to pick individuals from the team. But surely there are some points:

  • J├ínos Bencsik – For many new ideas about the probing tools and conflict detection.
  • Eric Bocaneanu and Alexandru Grama – For building the company ATCOsim (http://www.atcosim.com/).
  • Todor Atanasov – For the countless answers on VATSIM forums.
  • Juha Holopainen, Georg Lauenstein, Eric Bocaneanu, Zsolt Daniel – For the WIKI page updates (that seems to be the biggest work for EuroScope).
  • Old and new members of the beta team (without names) – To help me for five long years from 3.1 to 3.2.