Without the help of several supporters EuroScope would never become a public VATSIM radar client. Therefore I would like to thank this help to:

  • Attila Ábrahám – He inspired me to work on the new features and most importantly the ongoing Coordination. He always supplied me all the information that was necessary to have it as close to the real life system as possible. And I have to say that (among others) Attila has the most rigorous eye on the functionality. He also created a full featured ATIS interpreter.
  • Todor Atanasov, Bernard Candela and Stephan Boerner – They helped me a lot to finalize the documentation you are reading just now.
  • Sami Ylismäki – for creating UNIAtis, the customizable ATIS interpreter (http://www.uniatis.net/).
  • Juha Holopainen – for collecting and converting all the aircraft data for EuroScope.
  • Tobias Reimann – for creating a EuroScope extract function from his ICAO airlines database (http://vatdb.tr-media.org/).
  • All the beta testers – Once again they helped me a lot to fix bugs, implement the right functions you need for everyday controlling.