The Chat Box

On this picture you can see the message received from the server. You will have the list of names above the box, with whom you are in conversation with. These names can be one of the followings:

  • callsigns – pilot or controller to indicate private chats
  • frequencies – to see text messages come and sent
  • server – to see server messages (welcome and other notifications)
  • Message – to see EuroScope system message (former message dialog)
  • ATC – for ATC broadcast messages (not that you can not write here directly, just with the / command)
  • Broadcast – to see supervisor broadcast messages
  • SUP – for supervisory request messages

Private messages sent by a network supervisor are visible regardless to the settings being set on the visibility of the private messages in the client (general settings).

To change between them, simply click on the name. To collapse the chat bar, press [ESC] and to close it, double click the name, whose chat you wish to close. To jump to your primary frequency, press [NUM STAR] (or if you changed it your new primary frequency key). If you receive a new private message from a user, then its callsign will turn blue in the list.

New in v3.1 that you can configure how the new incoming messages are shown in the chat area. You can simply show them, use a highlight color to indicate unread messages, use flashing handlers for unread messages and even requires a one-by-one confirmation of them. See the [[General Settings]] dialog second page about the available options.