New features

  • Filter out squawk values from display. Mostly to simulate flying objects other than planes.
  • Allow ground speed up to 200 KTS for ground vehicles.
  • Type filter in scenario editor for huge sessions.
  • .simtime HHMI resets timer in ES but not in P3D. As default a simulator session starts at 00:00.
  • Detect and use ICAO format equipment codes in FP.
  • OFFSET in ESE/SCT file to easily shift part of the drawings.

Bug fixes

  • Add Referer and User-Agent to request headers.
  • Do not reset requested altitude in simulated departures.
  • Simulator catch GS a bit above the current value (up to 6 degrees).
  • Sectorfile download fixed.
  • On the ground limit up to 20000ft.
  • Do not send amended FPs without proper callsign.