It is a major update of the software. So be very careful. It might be less stable than the versions before.

New features

  • CURL library is used in all WEB downloads. It also allows you to use HTTPS in every place of the system (eg.: sector file download, metar decoder, etc.).
  • Use json3 ( as data feed and reload it in 3 minutes interval.
  • All flight plan lists feed and ordering are restructured. To gain performance all lists are updated only once in a second. You may notice some delay in the update. Also to gain performance invisible lists are never fed and never sorted.
  • The good old aircraft list is now converted to standard flight plan list. It might work a bit differently than before.
  • Both STCA and MTCA can be switched of f in the settings dialog. Once again to gain performance all the calculations are ignored if they are switched off. I strongly suggest Cross The Pond controllers to try and disable calculations on high load areas.
  • New ground states:
    • NST – not started – can be selected in the popup
    • STU (originally ST-UP) – startup
    • PUSH – push back
    • TAXI OUT (TAXI) – is used for taxi out
    • DEPA (or T/OFF) – is for departure
    • ARR – for arrivals (30 NM to the arrival airfield)
    • TAXI IN – for arrivals taxiing
    • PARKED – when arriving to the assigned gate
  • New ground controller lists
    • Startup – for departures with or without clearance, before taxiing.
    • Taxi out – for planes taxiing to departure.
    • Take off list – for planes ready for departure.
    • ADC sector list – for arrivals to the destination airport.
    • Taxi in – for arrivals taxiing
  • Estimated ground times can be set in the general settings dialog.
    If planned departure time is specified in the FP, then: planned departure time is used as SLOT time ==> – taxi out time ==> estimated off block time ==> – STU to TAXI ==> target startup time.
    If planned departure time is empty, then: system time ==> + Connect to STU ==> target startup time ==> + STU to taxi ==> estimated off block time. SLOT remains empty.
    When ground state is changed to taxi out, then target take off time is set to system time + taxi out time.

Bug fixes

  • Use default charset instead of Central European. That should return the lost national characters.
  • OnFlightPlanDisconnect in the API is called with the appropriate ID.