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SECTOR definitions

Now, we are going to see how SECTORs are defined.

A sector definition is as following:

SECTOR:< sector name >:< lower altitude limit>:< upper altitude limit>
OWNER:< ID 1 >:< ID 2 >:…:< ID n >

The vertical limits are in feet. The identifiers are taken from the fourth parameter in the POSITIONS lines and are set in hierarchical order in the controller positions. So we have the following hierarchy: GND, then TWR, then APP, then TMA (if any), then CTR, then FSS.


Let’s take the example of Casablanca West. We’ll define the first line as following since this CTR is controlling from surface to FL600.


In the second line, we set Casablanca West Control, then Casablanca Control, then North Africa Control in that order in the OWNER instruction. Then in the third line, we start from the most southern point, the separation point between GCCC2 and GCCC3 SECTORLINEs, and we add all the SECTORLINEs in a counterclockwise manner (it will work same if we use a clockwise manner). So we have GMMW _GMMS_SCL, GMMN_GMMW_SCL, LECM1_SCL, LPPC3_SCL, GMMO_GMMW_SCL and GCCC3_SCL. The loop is closed.

And we define all the other SECTORs in a same manner.

BUT BE CAREFUL All SECTORs MUST be defined from the smaller ones to the bigger ones since EuroScope is searching if an aircraft is inside a SECTOR in the order defined in the ese file. As soon as he finds a matching one, all other SECTORs are not tested at all. This property can be used to create overlapping SECTORs, but in that case, you must be sure that the smaller one is the first in the list.

That is the reason why we have in the SECTOR part, the airports, then the five inner FIRs, then the neighboring FIRs.

Note: the SECTORs for GMMM_CTR and North_Africa Control are not defined. There is no need to do it, since they are deduced from the hierarchy of the other sectors.

EuroScope deduces the area of the bigger sectors by looking at the hierarchy in the OWNER instructions and by adding or substracting sectors accordingly.

And here is how your scope looks like when GMMM_CTR is on line as well as GMMM_WEST_CTR and GMMM_East_CTR. Note the two simulated controllers in the Simulator training dialog and how they appear in the controller list in the top right corner of the screen. The two areas of GMMM_West_CTR and GMMM_East_CTR have been substracted to the GMMM_CTR whole area (black active zone) when these two controllers went on line. Note the red lines of handoff between the different zones. Note also the simulated aircrafts of the scenario file around Casablanca airport.


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