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Version 3.2 Welcome

  • Complete new simulator structure. More control over the planes, predefined taxi routes, artificial intelligence for ground traffic.
  • Improved STCA and and a brand new MTCA tool - the CARD list is available.
  • Flight plan separation tool.
  • Probing tools - check conflicts before issuing the clearance.
  • New radar antenna handling.
  • TAG item coloring on departure/arrival.
  • MSAW warning.
  • Save tracking information on disconnect and restore them after reconnect.
  • Plug-in environment: CAircraft class is deleted but CFlightPlan and CRadarTarget are introduced.

And many many more fixes and new features - well we got 5 years for them :)

Download the latest version of EuroScope and see for yourself.

Version 3.1 Welcome

Version 3.0 was introduced more than a year ago in March 2008. Since then my team and myself never stopped adding new ideas and implementing new features to EuroScope. As we were a bit uncontrolled on what should be available in the next release we simply lost the momentum several time to become public for a favor of some new functions. We are still full of ideas and requests, but finally we decided to make a stop and prepare the next public release. If we were alone we would have fixed more things we would have added some more gadgets to the program. Therefore the beta team feels this is not the final version. But we know that it if far more better then version 3.0, and we would like to share the joy of controlling with EuroScope 3.1 with all the controllers of VATSIM.

Some highlights of the new features:

  • Plug-in development environment: Probably the biggest innovation in this release. Using it you can create your own DLLs that can be loaded into EuroScope. As a programmer you can access nearly all the information available about planes, flight plans, controllers around. You are free to make code to add elements to a TAG, draw your own graphics to the radar screen or simply create a complete new view of the traffic. Some plug-ins are available as source code in the installer package.
  • Professional radar simulation: The main idea is to forget some data we receive from the VATSIM servers and simulate how the radar stations receive back data from the planes, how these data is correlated to the flight plans sent. And if all work fine you can associate a radar position to a flight plan (actually a plane). You can define antenna positions, hole areas, primary and secondary ranges, A+C and S mode transponder readouts. You also have simulated flight plan track display.
  • Complete new TAG types to follow the new possibilities:
    • primary only
    • uncorrelated A+C
    • uncorrelated S
    • correlated A+C
    • correlated S
    • flight plan track
    • ground with S mode
    • ground without radar
  • New simulator features:
    • Connect to SweatBox server
    • More than 100 AC performance data is stored in EuroScope with the possibility to change them in the scenario file
    • Accurate handling of the AC in high flight levels (simulating IAS and Mach change)
    • Integration with Craig Phillip's ASE editor and scenario file repository (download scenario directly from there)
    • Local FSD support for simulation sessions
  • Automatic sector file publication and download.
  • Metric units.
  • Full VATSIM server status check at startup.
  • The possibility to individually confirm all message types.
  • The voice aliases: It is a complete new (and I hope revolutionally) way to control text only aircraft. We combined the Microsoft Speech Recognition SDK with a regular expression * like grammar definition (with sounds like capabilities). These items altogether make the voice recognition stable and precise enough to be used for text only aircraft.
  • Arrival and flight plan lists.
  • Support of VRC's SCT2 format files.
  • All symbols are now freely editable via the symbology settings dialog.
  • The autotext messages are using aliases to allow changing them.
  • And many many more fixes and new features.

Version 3.0 Welcome

In September 2007, VATSIM controllers were presented with a ground-breaking new ATC client, the EuroScope. A state-of-the-art ATC software that combines features learned from real-life radar software and years of online virtual controlling experience, EurosScope set the standards of controlling environment to new heights. The innovative display and handling of controlled airspaces, fully customizable aircraft tags, the projection and planning of flights and radar display details, or the built-in simulator are just a few of EuroScope's features without which more and more controllers could not imagine controlling anymore. Over the last 6 months, we continued development work on EuroScope based on feedback and wishes of users. The new version 3.0 arrives now again to provide VATSIM controllers with brand new functions and advancements of existing features, such as:

  • Advanced coordination functions with upstream and downstream controllers: agree or disagree with altitude and cleared waypoint suggestions with just a click of the mouse! "Who controlls which aircraft and where" have never been as clear before
  • Tower view mode: see the aircrafts you control with the FsInn client!
  • Customizable SID/STAR and Runway selection: make the exact route of flights clear for yourself and downstream controllers!
  • New automated checks: EuroScope will monitor the aircraft's adherence to cleared altitude and route (CLAM/RAM)!
  • New shared information: scratchpad texts, new ground status flags will be displayed to all relevant controllers
  • New lists: Plan ahead and keep overview of your flights with the advanced sector inbound/exit and departure lists; display multiple METARs
  • Easier voice and text ATIS setup
  • Easier sector file development: new functions to draw and handle sector lines
  • ILS, Visual Approach flags
  • New built-in tag families (Eurocat 2000, SATCAS, etc.)
  • a number of new keyboard shortcuts
  • and many more you will be thrilled to discover.

Have you ever imagined you could control virtual flights as real as it gets? Download the latest version of Euroscope and see for yourself.