Credits for v2.9

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  • Eric Bocaneanu - Who always believed that we can make a client that can be accepted by VATSIM governors. He made all the discussions, advertisements to start the beta testing EuroScope. He also helped me a lot in testing, writing documentation and making suggestions.
  • Péter Selmeci - Who created the initial WEB site, redesigned my awful WEB pages. He helped in testing, writing the documentation and also with lots of new ideas.
  • Péter Selmeci and Iván Radó - For the name: EuroScope.
  • Attila Ábrahám and Ádám Orbán - They made a really strong pressure on me to develop EuroScope to the good direction. They also helped me a lot in testing.
  • Dani Vértesy - To help me writing this page among others.
  • Iván Nagy - Who registered domain for me without any cost so far.
  • Todor Atanasov - Who created the final WEB site.
  • Ross Carlson and Ben Supnik - They helped me a lot how to make EuroScope VATSIM compatible. I received immediate support when I had any technical question about the FSD protocol or VATSIM voice library. Ross made the beta test possible and updated my beta test members regularly.
  • Richard Stefan and Navigraph FMS Data Support - They allowed me to pack the FMS data with the installer of EuroScope. If you need to update the AIRAC cycle visit for the latest release. Always download the version for FSNavigator 4.X.
  • All beta test members - They tested EuroScope in different environments and surely in different ways. Many things that I would have never thought were discovered by them. And they also helped me writing this documentation.
  • All VACCHUN members - Who was not part of the beta test team still helped me a lot on testing VRC and ASRC compatibility questions.